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Monday, September 20, 2004

I feel sick. And angry.

I will no longer be sticking up for John Fucking Kerry.

"The president claims it is the centerpiece of his war on terror. In fact, Iraq was a profound diversion from that war and the battle against our greatest enemy, Osama bin Laden and the terrorists. Invading Iraq has created a crisis of historic proportions and, if we do not change course, there is the prospect of a war with no end in sight."

It's one thing to disagree with Iraqi democracy as a WoT strategy. Leonard Peikoff and Orson Scott Card both honestly so disagree, for example. It's something else entirely to pretend that the strategy doesn't exist, and that Iraq is somehow not part of the WoT.

This is so off the wall that some pro-Kerry media toned it down for him. He's morphing into Howard Dean, and betraying the truth, the best interests of the country, and the reality-cognizant liberals who delivered him the nomination against Dean.


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